Heart Institute Charity Gala 2016

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  • Project description

    The Heart Institute finally opened in 1992, supported financially by the Alain Carpentier Foundation and education by the knowledge and expertise of a group of French surgeons. These individuals took their mission very seriously and were committed to teach their skills to the local doctors. Today, the Heart Institute operates on and saves more than 1,200 children per year in Ho Chi Minh City.

    We were so proud to be part of such a noble mission. Our job was to take care of both the artistic direction of the gala and create the AR app to buzz, promote and bid on auctions in real time.

  • AR app + Art Direction

    AR mobile app, Art Direction, brochures designs, flyers design, video templates.

  • $180,000+

    Funds raised in one night.

  • 100+ children saved

    The success of the gala had let 100+ children from poor families be saved by free heart surgeries.