Augmented Reality

RONIN provides on-demand Augmented Reality (AR) solutions to help businesses in their marketing and sales programs. We build unique and adapted designs and features for each of our clients. AR can easily amaze your clients and catch their attention, letting them discover virtual 3D products, interact with them, and at the end of the day, be a really helpful sales driving tool for your business!
RONIN has a strong expertise through several AR projects for MNCs in all over the world, with various budgets and deadlines. Want to know more? Just click here:

Real Estate

AR can improve by many ways real estate marketing/sales programs. AR features can help prospects to discover and configure their future home in a very funny and efficient way: change the wall color, setup chairs designs… everything is possible!


Thanks to success stories such as Pokemon Go, AR gaming concepts are revealed to the public as a new, yet still under-estimated, entertainment trend.


With such a powerful “Wow!” effect at each demo, AR is one of the most reliable technology to catch the public attention and retain its interest. It is obvious that AR is becoming the new trend for digital marketing programs.


Educational field and e-learning businesses can now count on AR to help them having a more appealing and effective method. By manipulating 3D objects, triggering interactive features, gathering datas and informations in real time on internet, AR brings education to a new higher level.